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You Have Full Access to Our Trusted Brand.

For nearly a decade, ExpoTools has been a "go-to" provider for registration contractors throughout North America. Now you can tap directly into our Event Technology solutions through ExpoTools USA.

What We Do

Lead Retrieval

Whether you prefer barcode or RFID technology, we can provide you with state-of-the-art data collection via our ExpoLeads Mobile App or our RFID badge readers. Our equipment is user friendly and scans are lightning fast - without the painful shock.

Passive Session Tracking

Say it with us.. "Set it and forget it!" when you use our RFID door gates to track attendees in and out of every session, meeting, lunch, or exposition hall. Gather powerful data to leverage planning for your next meeting and seamlessly provide session credits to attendees for continuing education and certifications.

Door Scanning

If you need a handheld solution for access control to special events, we can provide you with automated Allow/Deny permissions encoded on each badge. This helps you stay in control without the need for outdated paper rosters - and keeps the riff-raff out!

Full Service Registration

Pre-show and on-site we are with you every step of the way. We can help you develop your online registration form, from simple, to complex, to Rubix Cube worthy. We can provide knowledgeable staff onsite to support you toward your best event yet.


We will work with your designers to create a badge that fits your meeting theme. Four color printing, with quick and easy placement into badge holders. Badges can be RFID encoded as they print, saving time, and eliminating human error - and we all know about that!

Venue Selection

Our experienced team can work with you from the early planning stages of your registration setup. Our staffers have experience with all major venues in North America and are ready to help you implement a solution. In other words, It's not our first rodeo - um, literally.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Enjoy access to our detailed and insightful reports and data analysis. Our team can show you what the data means, and our software can create useful pre-designed charts and graphs for immediate use by your event team -  even if they don't understand a Gantt chart.

Continuing Education Credit Tracking

Just like magic, and maybe better, we make it easy to reconcile your attendees activities in every session. Each entry into a session is logged with the session name, number, date, and time - showing which sessions an attendee was present in and how long they stayed. You control the criteria for credit hours and multipliers.

A Brief Introduction

Watch a short animation on who we are and what we do.

What They  Say

We proudly serve association & corporation meeting planning professionals for meetings, trade shows & conventions.
Here's what a few of them have to say about us - and imagine that, it's all good!

“I’ve been with ExpoTools for two years and my experience has been nothing less than exceptional. They offer the latest in technology but more over they offer outstanding customer service. In fact, my most recent event, they went above and beyond to find a solution to a problem that wasn’t even their responsibility. They deliver, period. As a Show Manager that’s the number one requirement of any vendor, and with ExpoTools it’s one thing I never have to worry about.”

“Here at PCBC we made the switch to ExpoTools after formerly working with a different company for many years. We couldn’t be more pleased with the experience we had with ExpoTools. From a show management standpoint, the ExpoTools staff made understanding their product and rolling it out to our exhibitors so easy. Any questions we had or assistance we needed was provided quickly. Post-show our exhibitors received their leads very quickly, which is very important to them. Also, it was a breeze to provide the exhibitors any assistance they needed in retrieving their scanned leads (whether that be from the app or traditional scanner) via the ExpoTools online portals. Easy-to-use tools that allow us to assist our exhibitors quickly are essential to us. When our exhibitors are happy, we are happy, and ExpoTools’ great customer service aids us in providing great customer service to our exhibitors. When you find a company to work with that helps make you look good, that’s a relationship worth keeping.”

Contact Us

Drop us a line. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions and comments, but we can't give fashion advice. You'll understand once you meet some of us.

Request for Proposal

Need to get a quote on your next event? We'll contact you for the details and RFP documents to give you an accurate cost estimate of our services - even though we can read minds (Shhh!).

Schedule a Demo

We would be happy to demo any and all of our services. Let's schedule a time and date that works best for you. After all, everyone loves a good dog & pony show! Right?